Who we are

Together with Chiara Castellani Onlus (no profit organization)

There are many organizations in Italy, associations, communities, groups, or single people, who since a long time, in different ways are supporting Chiara work in Congo.

In September2010, on the occasion of the event 100 Artisti per Kimbau, many of these organizations met up, and shared the means, the operative sphere, and the limits they found or are finding in their act with regard to Chiara.

After some years of gestation and preliminary works carried on by a firs coordination group (thanks to Amici di Chiara dell’Istituto Massimo, A.U.C.I, Gimian, PaceFuturo, PeaceLink, Song-Taaba, Pasquale De Sole, Paolo Moro, Nicola Corbo, Francesca Monterosso, Alessandro Marescotti, Andrea Trivero, Marina Grosso, Vito Lipari, Maria Castellani, Emanuele Cusimano, Lidia Giannotti, Gaia Spera, Elena Talenti, Mariarita Lombrano, Alba Monti, Massimo De Angelis e Chiara Castellani), now we are happy to announce the birth of the no-profit organization "Insieme a Chiara Castellani Onlus".

The organization bases its actions on respect and total confidence towards doctor Chiara Castellani, and operates to give a systematic value to energies and the helps it receives, to optimize the resources management and the communication, and to start synergism able to face and solve more difficult challenges. Taking always into account the financial transparency and the projects actual feasibility.

“ It 's rather necessary to well identify what we can expect from our work , what goods we can hope for, what is the meaning of our daily operating. Somebody imagine the future life as a result of their daily commitment . Others think to the good they do to the others, and the joy they create. But these reasons, even if substantial, are not the direct ones. If our work is meaningful, it must appear concretely in our lives and must result in our moods, in an inner wealth, in new living ways. A man is worth not for what he does but for who he becomes through what he does. This is what he is able to communicate, the person he has become. A man’s action isn’t make great by its results, but by the personal progress it realizes, the humanity wealth that it develops. We can everywhere and always grow as authentic people. "



Insieme a Chiara Castellani - no profit organization, Roma, Viale Umberto Tupini n.113, C.F.: 90047140745
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