2014 – 67 scholarship for young physicians and healthcare assistants supported at ITM and ISTM in Kenge e Kimbau in the academic year 2013/2014.

2014 – building refurbishment and istallation of a rain water collection system at the house "G.Riccio".

2014 – Medical equipments delivery

2015 - 100 scholarship for young physicians, healthcare assistants and agronomists supported at ISTM and ISTM in Kenge2 and Moanza 2015

2015 - Founding for medicine purchasing and food supply for kenge prison inmates.

2015 – Realization of electrical system and light equipments, septic thank and structurals works at the house "G.Riccio"..

2015 - Realization of electrical system and 12 V light equipments, medicines supply at dream centre.

2015 - Two vehicles repairing for the emergency operations and medical centers supervision.

2015 – Adjustation works for kenge prison medical centre: medicine purchasing, food supply for indigent prisoners, and healtcare assistants conpensations.

2015 – Refunding of the custody costs for a girl who had to live inside the prison till some months ago.


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