Since many years we are helping young physicians and nurses professional training, supporting them with scholarships. Thanks to your donation Chiara can now meet valiant co-workers. We hope they themselves will promote further projects and enterprises, in order to improve Bandundu sanitary position.


Besides to be the place where Chiara lives, medicine lessons are carried out in G. Riccio house. Together with Chiara we wish to adapt some of the rooms to realize an operative base camp, the Insieme a Chiara Castellani onlus local branch. With the purpose to lodge voluntaries, to facilitate Chiara work, to create an equipped reference point for site projects and communication. Presently Casa Riccio hasn’t any electricity nor flow water.

G. Riccio House

Every year we collect medicaments, drugs and medical instruments to supply the health centers and the diocesan pharmacies located in our area. In case you work, or if you know somebody working in the sanitary field, or if you want to offer us anything you got, please refer to the following list

Medicaments, drugs and medical instruments Collection

Kenge-Kiwani medical centre became the reference pole in AIDS cure and prevention and provides daily support against undernourishment diseases. The facility isn’t supplied with electricity, running water, or important medical instruments. For this reason Doctor Chiara’s and her staff work can’t be efficient. Together we can achieve a change.


There are villages In Bandundu living in complete isolation, outposts unreachable by transport, lacking of hospitals or primary structures able to grant the right to life. So for many women pregnancy is a challenge, a journey, where they have to walk kilometers searching for a medical centre able to help them. Help us to be present in the country.


In many prisons around the word lack justice, medical care and basic necessities. In 1996 Chiara Castellani highlighted Kenge prison situation. It is a place which hosts about a hundred persons, forced to live in very bad conditions who need medical care. Help us to build up a fist aid station.



“I’ve met a woman  who, for a C-section, travelled alone  more than one hundred kilometers by feet!
She couldn’t deliver by herself in her village, for the only reason local midwifes had never the possibility to learn.
Hadn’t them have the ability? No”
On the other hand Germena  has the word record for stubborn people. She have been the midwife in a health center built up in some village huts; she always had a dream, to study.
She couldn’t realize her dream till I offered her to sign at the health assistant school.
Now women will no longer die in childbirth in her centre”


In 2007 Chiara was telling about brave women which, to guarantee life to their children marched for  kilometer looking for a physician. Nowadays the situation isn’t so much different.

We can state that, thanks to the education offered during these years, more physicians and midwifes are present, despite not enough to avoid many women to die along the road.

Villages, outposts or simple huts aggregations, far from main roads, hospitals, schools.

Very humble places where people work just to survive. Chiara, together with her assistant travels (by motorcar) there.

Wearing trips among dunes, holes and frequenly tumbles, as told by Andrea Trivero and  Emanuele Cusimano, who, in January 2012 went with doc Chiara along a routine medical tour.
To create in these lonely places any attendance centers for pregnancy and childbirth, would allow to skilled people to help concretely, and avoid those long journey towards hope.

Today also a hut can become a lighthouse which  saves lives. Help us to buy medical equipments and everything can by useful for ensure the right to life

Here you can find some picture of Kalenge, a place 2 hour away from   Kenge where Chiara Castellani has already opened  a small medical centre.


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