Kenge prison

Nowadays, a massive jailbreak has vacated Kenge prison. Currently
 the internalaffairs ministry has supplied food for the few remaining people.


"Insieme a Chiara Castellani ONLUS"

The association is born in july 2014, but nowadays is going to complete the istitutional iter as a ONLUS.

In the last years, some support units had already decided to join forces in order to support better several project I was tending in Congo.

From their decision had its source the organisation “Insieme a Chiara Castellani”: it is a plural, non clerical entity, made of friends, associations and voluntaries who shared information and resources to help me for the biggest and most expensive interventions.

The Onlus is equipped with a website:, an already operating secretariat, and a current account.

It is already possible to put money in the account for projects related to medical and nursing training, prevention, sick persons care, and undernourishment fighting.

All projects which priority and urgency we, together with the onlus committee, will evaluate every year.

The projects where, in the near future, the funds will be allocated are:

  • - a centre for the prevention of AIDS and malnourishments diseases
  • - centres for pregnancy and birth attendance
  • - Nursing training and scholarship
  • - Realization of a first aid station in Kenge prison

“Insieme a Chiara Castellani ONLUS” actions guidelines are based on acknowledgment of the importance of instruction and on the total commitment to people’s basic rights, starting from the rights to health, education and job.

The Onlus operates to give a systematic value to activities and helps aimed to support my task here in Congo, in order to optimize the resources management and the communication, and to start synergism to face and solve more difficult challenges. Taking always into account the financial transparency and the projects actual feasibility.

This letter aims to invite all of you –friends, single people or associations- to become a member of this new community, which, I hope, can became a mutual house, a sharing space, a solidarity experience.

The subscription to “Insieme a Chiara Castellani ONLUS”won’t limit the freedom, for each member, to decide how to support practically my activity in Congo. To subscribe to will rather offer a better information flow about my work and my targets, and giving to everybody the opportunity to collect the funds on a shared current account, that is managed in total transparency, will allow better guaranties to ongoing project.

Insieme a Chiara Castellani ONLUS”  is going to give the hope for a more dignified future, and the confidence in an ethical word, to Kenge children, women and men.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

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